Surviving by understanding everything is business

Rucsi E. Sarbu
5 min readMar 26, 2021

Speacking of supply and demand: A thing that I recently acknowledged, was that everything is business. And maybe it is a well known secret. Or maybe I just didn’t want to see it, but seriously, the entire world is based on various types of business models.

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That is why I find it ironically funny, when we talk about a public and a private sector. Yet, the public uses private resources and the private sector is supported by public resources. Schools, hospitals, banks, politics, NGO’s are all intertwined with both public and private fundings.

So, why do we even have a public sector divided from a private sector? Why not create a new wholesome way of governing? Wouldn’t that be a more sustainable approach, than patching up old governmental business models?

I’m not stating business is a bad thing, I’m jut stating some facts, that in return can shed some light on our behaviour in society. By acknowledging everything is business, we will start seeing things for what they are. This will help us with the principals of taking responsibility, less judging and transparency.

Seing things for being just business, we also stop taking things so damn personal. E.g. when the bank refuses to give us a loan, so we can create a business on our own, since e.g. the lockdown got us fired. It’s not personal. The bank is just as any other business interested in those who actually can increase their turnover.

The simple fact in todays society: business is created by money. Money is created by lending (investing or giving), always with interests.

Another example: when a doctor prescribes you medicine, look at their desks, and you will find merchandise from some pharmaceutical company. Pharmaceutical companies live of us using their product. I’m not necessarilly against these type of companies. We just need to see them for what they are. I acknowledge the fact, that they work for “helping people”, but they are also exploiting the people. Yup, doctors are in the pockets of the medicinal companies. So in the end it is business as usual.

Speaking of doctors, not so long ago, I went to an ear-, nose- & throat doctor, for a health issue — stress related obviously. So at the end of physical exam, she prescribes some meds for me. Then she calls me to her screen and asks me: “do you want to see something interesting?” — me being curious as a little puppy.

She then shows me their prescription system, and how it’s cheeper for my pocket, if she prescribes me a package of 3–5 times the amount of needed tablets. Why? Because of the companies business model. So she prescribed me a big box of medicine, asking me to just through out the rest. Fun fact indeed.

Even higher educational institutions work after a business model. The are paid per head/student. Or ar financed by X and Y company for their research and empirical data. In some countries they are fiancially supported by external private fundings or companies.

Which I’m not stating as bad, just fact. A fact that should make us think, if conflict of interests could occur. There are various known and sligtly lesser known cases. Both in politics, and in any corner of society, there is a business model. And why is that? Because everything is bound around money, power and growth = the pillars of industrialisation.

And here is the twist. The sceptical will call this Conspiracy Theories in stead of looking it up. But maybe in stead of judgmental dismission, just… let’s educate ourselves? I will offer different entrance points to the topic here and here. Thus, we may not be ready for new info. Or we might just need more entrance points, before we are open to new perspectives.

But the issue is actually, why is there not more transparency? Why are these entrance points not being promoted in the mainstream media equally to the dominant mainstream point of views? Might it be because of business?

My point is not to unravel all these facts, but rather to make us aware of other different entrance points to the society we live in, that we might take for granted.

Only when something on a grander scale happens, we tend to “look up” and start blaming the Government/“the system”. But wait, governments are driven by business models, and if the model didn’t incorporate “force majeure” in their budgets, they need to make ad-hoc. adjustments. Adjustments that might disturb our everyday life. So back to, let’s create objective transparency and more self-education, in the end forcing us to take more responsibility of the world we are co-creating.

Heck, even families are build upon a business model. I know so many cases where people got married to secure themselves or their children financially. In most societies, the “mom”-figure is still the (covert) CEO and any other job positions, including cleaning lady. While the “dad”-figure is the CFO and some times also the (front end) CEO.

The more modern we have become, many house holds have their CFO going MIA, either because they applied for a job at another Company (Read: family); they are in another country working hard; or because of personal reasons. There are so many differet family constructions out there, but they all have at the core of it, a business model, where money is needed for living and growing.

And I’m not against any of it. I’m just drawing attention to a society, that is obviously functioning as a business. But are they functioning well or satisfactory. Have we outgrown this business thinking? Are we all on board on the business model, or do we want something else?

Here at “Casa del Sarbu” we are actually trying another living model. I don’t see myself as the leader, boss-lady or all-in-one: “CE+F+OO” of the household (as the “dad” position is curently vacant). Actually, we are more of a HUB: a living organism containing a Project Manager (me) and a couple of Freelancers (the kids). And we are all equals.

We all contribute in our terms to “The Sarbu Hub”, equally with the skills we have at any time given. E.g. the 11-year-old cooks when needed, and the 1-year-old helps with the laundry (I kid you not). And I don’t even have to ask them. We all have different capital of value to offer our common platform: OUR Hub.

Could this Hub thinking maybe be escalated to fit a future “business model” of our society? Should our society shift the bespective from a business model to a “living model”?

I might have gotten a bit off track here, but a long story to show, that when we start looking at things from a new entrance point/perspective, we will get the option to become an active player in our lives. All these Personal Growth Markers will at any point in time loop us back to us, and what we desire from life, what we believe in and identify with, and what we wish to co-create.

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