Surviving the inevitable… A series of tools

Rucsi E. Sarbu
3 min readMar 17, 2021

It’s inevitable. We are living in the most amazing transformational, yet extreme challenging times. What I’m about to touch upon in these next lines, is not to underestimate peoples experiences. The intention is rather to provide tools, to help us through these transitioning times.

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It’s given, we are all going to experience troubled waters at some point in our lives. It’s not because “the Divine” is punishing us or karma, as some might believe. It’s simple evolutionary nature. At this point in time, humans grow from challenges. And these challenged times are needed in order to attract an equilibrium on Planet Earth; within ourselves, and the way we interact with one another.

What I have found the common denominator for these troubled waters is, we will always come to new insights, a new consciousness and a new level of energy, ALL of us.

A way to stear clear or help this inevitable evolutionary process, is accepting the transformation. We don’t have to like or love our situations, life paths or circumstances. Just as long as we start accepting it and allowing it, it will all make sense in the end. If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not the end.

A “Survival kit”

There are various ways to cope with these transitioning times. Some of us need someone to guide us/hold our hand, while walking the path. Others don’t have the means nor the time to go all-in on a self-alignment journey (or it’s not what is needed). Thus, there’s still a lot we can do by/for ourself to ease the journey of change — indirectly enhancing the collective energy.

In these series of “Surviving…” I will be sharing tools, stories, examples, etc., to introduce the simplest way we can live in these changing times, without standing in our own way.

The way I found most to the point and useful in regards to our human is, in stead of “New Year’s Resolutions”, to create a new set of “Personal Growth Markers” for ourself. Or a “Survival kit” of a sort, in order to align with whatever changes are coming.

And just as a side note: most of these tools are also practised by my 11-year-old, so do feel free to introduce it to your next generations. This “Survival Kit” consists of the following tools/principals (in random order and often intertwining):

- Take responsibility
- Judge less
- Educate yourself
- Mind your nervous system
- Embrace ALL your emotions
- You do you
- Be your own “Guru”
- Be clear on your intentions
- Be transparent
- Dissolve competition
- Understand that all is business
- Surrender

The way we at “Casa del Sarbu” use this kit, is by taking every tool/principal, and work at it for a period of time, just that one. Then weeks or months later we add another one. As the saying goes: “Rome wasn’t build in one day”. Neither are we going to “re-program” ourself over night.

The idea behind these 12 principals, is to make it as simple as possible for a lifstyle change. Just as when we wish to lose weight, we are not to think diet, but rather a change of lifestyle. This “Survival kit” is like a detox to our brain and body. Creating a refreshed energy field, allowing us to realign with whatever is ours. By applying any of these tools (and do it gradually), soon, we will feel the change within, and emanate potent changes onto anything we touch.

I intentionally simplify, to show how we as individuals and societies/systems of governance, tend to complicate things. By complicating simple understandings, we are in the believe that we are “incompetent” to simple concepts of life/livelihoods. Thus, make us more prone to “listen” and be led by “the wise” ones. It’s a simple, yet effective trick being used for ages to achieve power over others. As a parent, we probably use it consciously/unconsciously onto our children.

My simple intentions with these articles is, to simplify anything standing in our conscious way, in order to give the power back to us, so we can take action. Thus, I acknowledge, these following lines is not for everyone — it might be useful for many and useless for some. Just take what resonates for the time being, and you can always revisit, when you feel drawn to it.

To be continued…



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