Surviving by surrendering

Rucsi E. Sarbu
4 min readMar 28, 2021

So if you are still with me through these last lines: Wow a ride of emotions. A lot of it may make sense. Some will maybe see it as a load of B.S. But I’m pretty sure, that whatever nerve I stroke, It did something to our cellular and Nervous System.

Remember to breath, laugh, dance, cry or shout (if needed), as these are all a way of discharging our system of upbuild cloggs of energy. Eventually making it easier for us to feel our Nervous System.

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The thing is, that the current situations national, global, planetary and on the individual plan is out of our control. It is something orchestrated by a Divine force. And it all has it’s Divine plan of actions and timing. The only thing we can do, is to surrender to it.

Us humans are right now driven by the force of instant gratification, of getting it all done in the moment, have all the answers now. And if we change we need to change as quick as possible, as we don’t like to take time “away from life”.

But the thing is, noting great comes from instant gratification. It is just like bypassing on the hight way, missing all the wonderful landscapes from the old country roads. Oh, and also the high way is currently closed for maintenance. So, we might just as well slow down and start to figure out how all this outer change is intertwined with our inner journey.

Also, we try to control every little outcome to make our life as pleasent as possible. But changes hurt. Changes are unpleasant, and always comes at a bad time, and often bring a lot of frustration with it. Changes are to be unpleasant. Why? Because changes mean a evolutionary shift. It means we see things from a new perspective, it means that we have to allow new skills coming to us.

Take for example infants. Those of us who have tried it, know infants have these evolutionary jumps of consciousness. I think it is 10 jumps alone in their first 1,5 years. And then again at 3 years and 6 years. That’s a lot in a very short time span.

Everytime you will se the infant becoming more unease with their evolutionary change. They will start to fuss more, not eat or sleep well, and have a lot of frustrations resulting in: out of the blue crying/tantrums. But when the evolutionary jump passes, you once again see the infant being calm, joyfull and eager to explore their new set of skills.

Us grown-up’s go through the same phases in our adult lives, for very change we encounter. Why we can’t stay happy and cheery all the time, as we will bypass the change. I think some even refere to these evolutionary jumps as little deaths. As the infant will experience they no longer can be, who they were before the jump.

Or another example: When getting hurt, e.g. from an accident. The impact & trauma itself can be shocking, but less painful. The second we experience it, we are just in the moment, not really understanding what’s happening. But it’s the following awareness of what happened and the hard recovery work (if needed) and healing afterwards that’s the uncomfortable/painful journey.

Just like evolutionary changes, the instant inpact of it, could just be a blip. But it is the acknowledging, that it was out of our control, adopting to our new reality, building up new skills, and maybe even facing our own mortality, that’s the part that is challenging, which we try to bypass.

This doesn’t mean stading there watching the old versions of ourselves start crumbling, or panic and take the first ticket out of this life. Instead surrender to the knowing that this transitioning passage is not a state of eternity. Taking one step at the time, in managing our personal cellular and Nervous System within the transitioning. Attending to the emotions that occur, and look for new entrance points. And ask for guindance if needed. By being so focused on doing our part of the work, we won’t interfere with “the Divine Plan” of it all.

For some this will mean going solely inwards, for some these will invite them to step onto their path of action, or take a pioner stand for their representative community/tribe, or whatever our freelancer task/job is on this planetary Hub. Just trust in, that we are all being an important piese of the bigger puzzle, and will be guided from within.

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