Surviving by minding our Nervous System

Rucsi E. Sarbu
4 min readMar 22, 2021

Now more than ever, we live in a world full of noise and disractions. We are constantly bombarded by: what we could be/do, and what others “that have seen the light” does. Just add to it, all the judging going on. Alongside, with all the electronical devices in our hand, we are constantly plugged in.

A simple example: In the past decades years we have had more and more retreats we could access and go to, to unplug. The recent years global situation and restrictions, showed us it was yet another way of “escaping” from ourselves or our reality.

The thing is, we have to create the same conditions of retreat in our everyday life. We are yet to learn how to create the best conditions for ourselves within ourselves. Thus, our Nervous System is constantly being congested.

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Why it’s important to constantly turn inwards and identify, what irritates our personal energy field — our beautiful Nervous System, that is there to protect us.

Stress is a social buzzword, yet we have more stress now than ever. I find it actually quity ironically funny, that the more focuss we have on stress, the more stress we get. It just spreds like a carpet fire.

In stead of looking out on the symptom “Stress”, lets go to the core of it, and look to what’s irritating our cortisol levels in our body. We need to be more specific. And we don’t need any Stress Coach or Guru to help us out with this one.

I believe, we all have the power to figure things out by ourselves — we are capable beings, with a personal journey to travel. Yes, we can reach out for help (e.g. with a coach, trusted friends or family), but no on can live the journey for us.

Now back to “the Stress”. There are multiple theories to what causes stress and how to prevent it. And I’m not going to unfold them. Thus, I would like to present you with a simple entrance point to getting closer to the core of it.

We can ask ourselves these few questions, and I promise you, either our body or mind will give us the needed input:

  • Are there any life changing events that creates discomfort in my body/mind (e.g. death of a loved one, pregnancy, parenthood, divorce, major illness or injury, etc.)?
  • Are there any personal situations that creates a discomfort in my body/mind (e.g. the expectation of others, being social, household chores, being alone, big presentations, organizing an event, etc.)?
  • Are there any general situations, that creates a discomfort in my body/mind (e.g. facing big changes, not enough sleep, worrying about something, not having much or any control over the outcome of a situation, responsibilities, times of uncertainty, not enough to do or be, etc.)?
  • Are there any family/friends, that creates a discomfort in my body/mind (e.g. difficult relationships with parents/siblings/friends/children, having close relationships who needs lots of support, unbalanced or outdated relationships, etc.)?
  • Are there any employment/study, that creates a discomfort in my body/mind (e.g. losing your job, long-term unemployment, retiring, exams and deadlines, difficult issues at work, starting a new job, etc.)?
  • Are there any housing and money, that creates a discomfort in my body/mind (e.g. housing problems such as poor living conditions, lack of security or homeless, problems with neighbours, worries about money or benefits, poverty, debt, having too much money, etc.)?
  • Are there any other influences, that creates a discomfort in my body/mind (e.g. living environment, food, medicin, weather conditions, health conditions, etc.)?

By focussing on the discomfort rather the word “stress”, we find ourselves in a position where we are able to change — we are now more able to act. A reason for it: simply because the word “discomfort” has a lighter vibration to it than the word “stress”. So, our mind will be willing to try to find a solution. If we then need a deeper understanding for the discomfort, and a helping hand in “removing the stone from your shoe”, we can always ask for help.

Once we find the issue that creates the discomfort , we need to do something about it. I know, I make it seem easy, yet it’s not. Because now we get back to taking responsibility for ourselves. WE are the ones responsible for OUR life. So even though the discomfort is caused by “major” life issues, e.g. an abusive relationship, financial insecurity, etc. we are the only ones who can act.

Also understand, the simple act of acknowledging the discomfort (that little stone in our shoe), is an action in itself. By acknowledging something needs to change with ourselves. our system will start reacting, bit by bit all by itself.

And the Divine Support System (or whatever we might believe in), will help us move those big mountains. E.g. we suddnely see relationships removing themselves from our life, or a big project idea and co-creators present itself, a move is suddenly possible, or whatever is needed for us to take the next step.

So, by minding our Nervous System, we actually create the possibility of positive changes to occur.

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