Surviving by being your own Guru

Rucsi E. Sarbu
3 min readMar 24, 2021

This one seems a bit redundant, but for the sake of a different entrance point, I will explore it further. Just to be on the safe side: what I referer to as Guru’s are all those we set up on a pedestal, may it be Guru’s, Shamans, Priests, Celebrities, Self-help preachers, Ascended masters, older generations and alike.

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Just as mentioned above, being ourselves, is the most important thing here in life. And if we don’t know who we are, we are solely responsible to finding that out. Yet, in the search for ourselves, throughout the entire history of mankind there have existed the concept of Guru’s, experts, wisemen/-women, etc. that we seek for knowledge. These people we turn to, because they know better than us & they saw the light before us.

All this is all fine and dandy, but where it all backfires on us as humans is, when we give all our power to these people outside ourselves. We see these Guru’s that supposedly have seen the light, as the answer to all our problems, or the right way we should be. They become a rulebook/another authority to follow and obey. Yes, they may have seen a light. But it is their light, not ours. We are still unique individuals, with unique entrence points and journeys.

How many times have you not red/heard the wordings: “do this and this like XX and you will.. well… be saved from your agony”. E.g. if we don’t meditate, or sit in that exact position, or if we give space to your negative thoughts, then we won’t reach whatever we are striving for.

In many ways, one could say this “Surviving…” article serie is tangeable to the abovementioned category. But where it differs is, that throughout these pages, I specifically state — multiple times — that my “guidance” is just one entrance point, and not the only way to go. We can either use these (brilliant if I may add) ideas or get inspired to create alternatives, based on the principals presented.

It is important, also as the ones operating as Guides, that we take on the responsibility of informing those we help, we are only a source of inspiration, and our “teaching” not to be taken as the only truth. Come to think of it, it should be a general disclaimer added to all exalted individuals and communities that claim to have the answer to our seeking.

No one has the patent on the truth, the path to redemption, or awakening or… whatever we are seeking. Theres isn’t only one way to live, but more than 7 billions. The idea is to find the best way suited for us.

In that sense, let’s seek inspiration in what others have been doing that works for them. Let’s follow e.g. an Yogi or a Self-help Coach. But remember, just because it worked for them, doesn’t mean it will work for us the exact same way. We are to take only what resonates, and build onto it. And here we will be guided back to the principals of taking responsibility, just do us, and judging less.

Why? Within the various communities of Guru’s we will find people telling us, we are in the wrong, or a “lost soul”, if we don’t follow a specific path. Which is ironical, as by being truly “awake”, we intuitively know, there is no right or wrong, just an individual journey.

And if we by now start to hyperventilate or get the hive from the sole idea, that by doing us and being our own Guru, we face an eternity as a lonely wolf. Then let me ease the pain: we will not. We will just slowly and firmly elevate towards the conscious tribe or community, that matches our vibration.

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