Surviving by setting clear intentions

Rucsi E. Sarbu
3 min readMar 24, 2021

When working with all these principals, the core of feeling successful in our endeavours of finding/being us, is to have a clear intention.

When I refere to intention, it’s both an inner and outer concept. Having a clear intention, is to have a course of action as our purpose or plan. Intention is about making a firm agreement with ourself, that whatever happens and whatever comes our way, we intend to stay loyal to our path. This internal process, is an ongoing one. As we, as stated above, live in a world, that continuously will seek to test us on our grounding — not necessarily intentional, just as a consequence of the society we have build so far.

A natural effect on having a clear intention, is being conscious of, what we want and what our possibilities are in the current moment. Followed by a strategy to get to what we want through those posibilities.

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Being clear on our intentions is also about becoming more specific. Get into the details, allow ourselves to think beyond the “boundrais set by society”. Intention is about dreaming, but also about daring to stand by our dream.

Whatever we intend to do or be, first be clear to ourself and then to our outer world. When it comes to the outer world, being clear on our intention is about, in a gentle way, making our communities and tribes aware of where we are headed.

Sharing our intention with the outer world, is primarly about setting boundries and welcoming them on our journey, as spectators (if wanted), never as the driving force.

This doesn’t mean we have to shout our intention from the roof top (unless we really want to) so everyone can hear it. We can let our outer world know about our intention in an incognito way — just showing it through our energy field, or e.g. expressing somethig like: “If I withdraw for a moment it is just because I’m busy doing… me”.

I could have done this in the previous example from my real life, but I just was so cought up in the process of me, that I forgot. But I too am a work in progress.

When we work with clear intentions, it’s still an important factor to keep in mind, we as humans don’t control timing/timelines. Clear intentions is manifesting. Hence, understanding that manifestation timing can be stalled by:

- Divine Timing: The Universe has a clearer vision for what we need, when we need it. Therefore set intention, knowing it will come exactly at the right moment, and not when you want it.

- Divine Intervention: Our clear intentions, can sometimes stall in manifesting, if the Universe sends us on new teachings and paths, that will just add that extra “Umph” to our wish and intention.

- Restitution period in our lives time: Even if we are clear on our intentions, it will be difficult manifesting, when we are recovering from a period of huge transformation. E.g. Dark night of the Soul, or just utter human exhaustion.

So by setting clear intentions is also to surrender to the Universes knowing when the right time is to manifest.

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